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The poison of the society isn’t corruption. It isn’t lack of development. It isn’t crimes against women. It isn’t patriarchy. Its the “chalta hai” attitude of people, including me and you, the reader, that is gnawing away at the foundations of the wonderful society that we aspire of. Even if a revolution does rise from the frustration and anger, it quickly loses momentum because of this “Chalta hai” attitude that we have. It is this indifference, to things that don’t directly relate to us, which is our greatest threat.

Indifference is the poison of the society.

I wrote a poem on indifference.


Look around, you won’t find me.
I am hidden, in the crowds
Dwelling the minds of the weak
Behold my power, for I
Render the crowds mute, immobile,
The mighty crowd that once
Unleashed revolutions aplenty,
Bow to me for I am its master.

I am your curse, I am thy bane,
Try as you might, I shan’t be tame,
I am Indifference
And I foretell this prophecy
Misery is a gift from me,
Chaos your legacy.”