Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer

My Curse

I made a mistake,
One that changed
Forever maybe, who you were.
It was a terrible thing,
But a must.

You once cared for me,
Now you care for self.
You once dared for me,
Now you dare for self.
Once you loved only me,
Not your self.
Now you have learnt to love,
The most yourself.

You cried, I made you
Weep, that I did,
A terrible thing to do,
A sin, agreed.
Acknowledge this though,
It didn’t kill you,
But made you stronger,
A strength that might,
Kill my soul one day,
But I don’t care, nay
I love you as one may.

And you will hate me always,
Cause that is my curse,
One that I will bear,
But your must love yourself,
That is all I care.